Philip Osei

Going for Gold at the TO 2015 Pan Am Games

By Lloyd Opoku-Ware


Philip Osei is a 23-year-old member of the Canadian National Track & Field team. “Growing up I was very quiet, timid, shy and afraid of everything around me as a child. Everything was so confusing, the world was so big and I was just this little speck on it.” As a youth living in a priority region of the city of Toronto, Philip managed to avoid becoming a statistic in his neighbourhood. “It was safer indoors, the area where my family lived wasn‘t the greatest for young, easily influenced children growing up. Many gang related crimes and just the urban culture was frowned upon by in today‘s society. Fast money, drugs, guns and even sexual exploitation was the norm in the area.”


Philip always enjoyed running and racing as a child and always had a love for track and field, but it was only in the 12th grade of high school that he actually took it up seriously and competed for his school that he actually took it up seriously and competed for his school, Michael Power/St. Joseph. But after his Highschool coach Eddie Raposo saw the potential he had in the 400 meters, he convinced him to actually train and compete in it. In his very first year of training Philip was able to steal a bronze medal at OFSAA, which only added fuel to his fire.




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