AstroFabulous Spring Horoscopes

By Nadiya Shah

c. 2013



Hello fabulous Friends and Fans at Boss Magazine! Happy New Year!


Collectively, this is a time when we know we are close to preparing something new and bold up ahead. Particularly in the second half of the year, we will all, at the very least, feel a sense of “fun” return. Celebrities should be especially good at capturing the collective imagination, with at least one new face that takes dramatic entrances to new heights. We can also see at least one notable celebrity set the stage for an upcoming career in politics, much to the surprise of all. We can also expect a return to a conversation about children in general; how to help them succeed and best prepare them, emotionally and otherwise, for successful lives ahead.


We are likely to see a conversation around what people are “worth” to the whole, the value they contribute in moving us all forward, and how each can be helped to more fully fulfill one’s potential so that they are part of the evolving consciousness.


It will be a great year, enjoy!




ARIES (March 21-April 19):

You are itching to embark on a fun year ahead, but just before you get there you've got to make sure you've got the essentials in place for the ride ahead. mainly, it is your home and partnerships that will need your attention. the home front brings changes that feel warm, as you create an environment to foster greater love and safety. In love, get ready to really see what you want and why you want it. some will do so explicitly, energetically, passionately, or aggressively. however you go about your lessons, know the challenges now will lead to greater love by year’s end.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20):

Your mind continues to grow as new ideas rush in like waves. Thankfully, you do have the skills needed to make some use out of them before they pass, allowing you to make solid gains in the first half of the year. Later on, your attention turns towards the safety and security of a solid foundation from which to grow. For some this will mean positive, sometimes very quick gains where it comes to real estate and where you live. For others, this will be an inner connection to what you are actually building. In love, people from the past have ways of showing up at the most uncanny times. You might find yourself shocked by the replay of past patterns and deja vu experiences. It’s all designed to make sure you got the lesson.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20):

With just a few people around you, you manage to spin gold. While your life will always ask you to find the right words, this year you might find they provide the magic touch to just about any endeavor. Many of your sign will hop on an educational adventure and take on a new skill, which will quickly translate into lasting alliances thanks to the many people you transverse in the rooms. In love, you could meet your soul-mate in a classroom. The more witty the reparte, the more it moves you two closer. Those attached will also find words smooth over any rough patches and bring closeness. online hookups are especially lucky for you now, more so than usual.


CANCER (June 21-July 22):

The first half of the year still gives you the team advantage with all things, especially where it comes to great ideas and the confidence to see them through. The second half of the year lets you know you are on the right track when they start paying off in practical terms, meaning, theres more money heading your way. Prosperity finds you by surprise, and in the most uncanny ways. Whatever you can do to earn your way is especially blessed. Focus on meeting your responsibilities and providing for your own needs, and there will be more than enough to go around. In love, you start the year in a bit of a conundrum of a complex consideration, but don't worry. The most sticky situations find resolution on their own volition.


LEO (July 23-Aug. 22):

While it might look sleepy on the surface at first, the year will change gears fast through a very notable moment to take place midway, when you know you are no longer who you were. There is a wide, open road in front of you and you can sense the fabulous places it may lead. What you want most are options for whatever feels like it could sail your boat, and you will certainly find it, or rather, you will attract it to you. A wonderful revelation about yourself could have you shocking others with a new direction. In love, you want to be adored even more than usual. Thankfully, you attract those who fit the requirements quite nicely. The ones with the wide, starry-eyed look of innocence masking frivolity are the ones you want most.


VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22):

There are few joys in life better than knowing you did a job well. This year, you will get your sparks going to refine your skills to even more splendid heights, as you are convinced being truly good at something is the way towards greater opportunity. It has worked for you before and will continue to be the tried and true path. If there is any doubt that angels are on your side, this year will forever quiet those voices of discontent, as several simply magical moments brushing on the miraculous restore any faith that might have ever been lost. In love, There is a story waiting to be written, but it doesn't go quite how the fairy tales tell it. This is better because it is real. you insist on no secrets. This time, it pays off for you.


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):

There is little doubt that there will always be doubt. Not the kind that raises insecurity, but rather, the kind that knows there is always another way, another view, another method or opinion that can change all things to certain. This is part of the delicate balancing act you are here to carry out in your life, which you become especially adept at now. There is beauty and perfection in the lack of perfection itself, as your work, career, and even your friends illustrate to you clearly in several key moments this year. Having said all that, there is advancement and leaps up the proverbial ladder. In love, the line between friendship and love can blur, for better or otherwise. Take your steps in the experiment cautiously.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21):

Career matters go through a boon, but you might scarcely realize it as a stern energy continues to prevail. It is still your choice to have fun as you walk through the successes of your life, and this year does promise a few of them. In any type of interview or “need to impress” setting, you blow away any competition with your ability to sway the power players and authority figures. This is mainly because you know, at the end of the day, it’s not about that moment but the work and experience you have to back it up. Your ever more mindful attention to detail can have you stating some strange facts that turn out to be alarmingly and amusingly true. In love, you will likely find yourself attracted to those already ahead in the game, whether they be of greater age or achievement.


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21):

You are set to have a year where you feel more “set” than you have in a long time. It’s a special time of you coming into your element and realizing just what that element is that you need to feel most happy and at peace with yourself. Of all signs, yours is the most adventurous, which is part of why this year fits like a glove, as a truly monumental, if not magical, adventure calls your name and you cannot ignore it. There are responsibilities, certainly, but a little careful juggling can have you finding ways of making them not only fun, but a necessary part of your frivolity. In love, the more unusual and foreign the subject, the more you want him or her. you will likely need to bring your translator app on your next date, or ten, but that is what nurturing love might ask of you. It is a small yet thrilling price to pay.


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):

Money matters take off in the best possible sense, as you attract some wealthy support. This doesn't have to be in the traditional sense, though it might. Rather, financial institutions and applications seem to go especially well for you now as you assert your ideas and get the backers you need to make your dreams a reality. Personal reinvention and rebirth is also on offer, though that will require you take time out of your power making moves for honest self-reflection. It matters to you and you make the time. In love, the sexier, the better, and the taboo is best of all. You might find yourself unable to explain an attraction, and on the surface it might even seem like a bad bet, but you know that this situation will provide the catalyst for a shift in your psyche and soul, which is what intimacy is when it’s at its best.


AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18):

I could say the year will be fun, but that would be an overly simplified version of the experience you can expect. Rather, you are feeling overly jovial and earnestly expect the absolute best to just be drawn to you. Much to the amazement of others, this approach often pays off in wild, wacky, wondrous ways. You are overly confident, to put it mildly, and this attitude might secretly be doubted by you, but does have a way of paying off enough times for you to stick to the tactic. In love, you enter one of your best periods in over a decade for finding “The One” or turning the one you are with into the proverbial “It”. You are darn attractive now, so milk it and enjoy it for all it’s worth.


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):

Little does anyone know the adventurous side that creeps just under the surface of a mild mannered, spiritually inclined, wide eyed soul as yourself. Even you might catch yourself off guard by your expansive thoughts meeting a determination to take practical actions towards a pipe-dream, but if there is anyone with a chance of manifesting the near miraculous, it’s you. Through faith alone you move a figurative mountain of your own now. Your health could take a radical and surprising upturn, as problems that have been in the ether or plagued you for years either vanish, or you find a permanent plan for treatment that works. In love, that eye candy at the gym could be all yours. Get your insecurities out of the way and go for whatever you consider out of your league. Shared habits make the heart grow stronger.


Nadiya Shah, M.A., Cultural Cosmology and Divination, UKC. For expanded forecasts and more, visit Nadiya’s website at nadiyashah.com

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